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Prohibition of Sales Activities by Public Entities Requires Anti-Competitive Effects

Sten Nyberg7075A new provision in the Swedish Competition Law, prohibiting anti-competitive sales activities by public entities, leaves considerable room for interpretation. A recent ruling by the Stockholm District Court indicates that this new part of the Swedish Competition Law is fundamentally effects-based, and that a sound economic analysis is important for the legal assessment, writes CELEC’s chairman Professor Sten Nyberg in this article. Continue reading

On the Forthcoming Price Regulation of District Heating in Sweden

forsk_rap_2013-1In a recent commissioned report for the Swedish Competition Authority, Professor Jerker Holm at Lund University, argues that introducing price regulation in the District Heating market is risky, difficult and a challenging task. Professor Holm stresses that the ongoing political and legal work related to price regulation of District Heating in Sweden must be based on sound economic principles and regulatory caution. Continue reading

Article 102 Cases in the Energy Sector

Photo: Linda Danhall, NSDIn a recent paper on Article 102 cases, Dr Malte Abel and Mr Peter Willis review pricing abuse cases in the European energy sector between January 2010 and September 2012. The authors conclude that an interesting feature of the national competition authorities (NCAs) investigations has been the focus on narrow geographic and product markets. The authors also conclude that a number of cases highlight ongoing concerns about restrictions of competition resulting from the control of network infrastructure.  Continue reading

Market Expectations of End-user Electricity Prices in Sweden 2013-2018

enduser electricty price 20130201