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Interest Rates in Sweden (Dec 2019)

Market Expectations of End-user Electricity Prices in Sweden (Jan 7, 2020)

European and Swedish Antitrust News (Jan 7, 2020)

Photo: H Ellgaard

The Swedish Competition Authority concluded that there are “unreasonable differences” in fees paid by different municipal housing companies to ensure that they are ran on commercial terms. In other news, the Swedish competition authority has initiated a special investigation of the Easypark – ‘SMS Park’ merger, the Commission approved state aid to a Swedish testbed for electromobility and to a Swedish seafarer scheme.

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Analysis as a solid foundation for decision-making

The Center for European Law and Economics (CELEC) is a private research center conducting advanced and innovative research in economics and econometrics.

CELEC focuses on the law and economics of competition, intellectual property and international trade. We provide analysis and advice to guide decision making by private and public decision makers both at the national and international level.

CELEC performs academic research, commissioned analysis and advisory tasks in advanced projects and processes. We believe in empirical evidence and thorough analysis as a solid foundation for decision-making.