Vertical Agreements and Antitrust

The antitrust of vertical agreements is investigated and explained in detail in a recently published book by CELEC’s vice chairman Professor Lars Henriksson.

Distribution agreements are one of the most common and important types of agreements between undertakings. These agreements often play a crucial role when goods and services are put on the market.

In a new book, CELEC’s vice chairman Professor Lars Henriksson, covers the most important aspects of competition law of relevance for distribution agreements. Professor Henriksson pays particular attention to the prohibition of anti-competitive agreements and the current block exemption for certain vertical agreements. National legislation in this area is essentially fully aligned with EU competition rules, why Commission practice and practice from the European Court of Justice is of fundamental importance.

Författare: Lars Henriksson
Förlag: Norstedts Juridik AB
Språk: Svenska
Antal sidor: 427

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