Our Websites

TheĀ International Merger Control Research Project (mergerdata.net) is a research project devoted to fact-finding and analysis of international merger control. This site presents data that has been gathered and compiled for statistical and comparative analysis of the evolution of multi-jurisdictional merger control legislation internationally. Information can be used free of charge for non-commercial research purposes.

This project is global and collaborative. International contributions to the project are invited. The aim is to provide globally comparable data by pooling local, national and regional information provided by a global network of contributors, researchers and experts from different jurisdictions and with different expertise. Data and information on this site can be revised, improved and extended. Analysis of the data is encouraged.

Talkstandards.com is an active online community where developers, researchers, policymakers and other interested parties can share ideas and collaborate on the global standards system.

Through talkstandards.com, members of our community will be more engaged in a facts-based and constructive dialogue surrounding the global standards system and the standards-setting process. We promote open discourse, sharing of information, dissemination of analysis and help foster new solutions through our online forums. Our library provides access to thought-provoking and analytical papers by leading authorities and resources on the standards topic covering all sides of the debate. We feature upcoming industry events on our calendar as well as recent news articles from around the world on issues related to the global standard system

TPA-forum is an open forum for analysis and discussion of third party access to district heating in Sweden. The aim is to contribute to a deeper understanding of the proposal (SOU 2011:44).

Through the TPA forum, stakeholders may participate in a factual and constructive discussion of third party access to the Swedish district heating network. Contributions in the form of texts, reports and comments are welcomed by experts, industry representatives, customers, politicians and other interested people. The website publishes continuously current analysis and articles that reflect all side of the debate.

Our aim is that a fact-based analysis of TPA-issue will provide good conditions for a good long-term stable regulatory framework for the Swedish district heating sector.